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Mathematical Artwork in Python Ebook

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Learn how to write Python code to create mathematically-based artwork and fractals like the ones on codeismycanvas. This 206-page PDF or EPUB e-book provides simple Python code, relying only on common libraries such as Numpy, Pillow, and Matplotlib, so the reader can fully understand the math behind the images. The book intends to bridge the gap between math, code, and design.

The book assumes a basic knowledge of Python and some high-school level math.

For a head start on the programming, also see the Book + Extras pack.

License: Any original work you create using the code and ideas in the book are your own and may be sold or distributed as you like. The book, code, and all other contents of this product may not be resold or distributed.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (15MB)
  • EPUB (18MB)